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MTI-5 • 240V, 1PH, 4.8kW, 20 AMP


MTI-10XL • 240V, 1PH, 7.2kW, 30 AMP • 415V, 3PH, 7.2kW, 10.01 AMP • 415V, 3PH, 8.5kW, 11.82 AMP


 MTI-40C • 240V, 1PH, 7.25kW, 31.52 AMP (UK Version) • 240V, 1PH, 12kW, 50 AMP • 415V, 3PH, 12kW, 16.69 AMP • 415V, 3PH, 16.4kW, 22.81 AMP



MTI-40E • 415V, 3PH, 12kW, 16.69 AMP


                            Component Board Assemblies

Heater Circuit Operation: Explained by using an MTI-10XL 3PH 415V unit as an example. Refer to the pictures on page 5. - When the AutoFry is first turned on the temperature probe (#1) (in the oil) will sense the oil temperature and send it back to the circuit board (#2). The display board will then show this temperature. - If the circuit board registers a temp. lower than 179°C the board will put out 240ACV from terminals J8 & J9 (#3) to the coil relay (#4). - When the board registers a temp. higher than 179°, this output will drop to 0ACV. - This will allow the coil relay to close and send 240AVC to the coil of the e-safe contactor (#5). - The e-safe contactor (#6) will then close sending 240ACV across three phases to the heating element plugs (#7). - In order for the e-safe contactor to receive all three phases, the heater relays (#8 & 9) must be closed. - In order for these relays to close the exhaust fan must be running and the high limit switch (#10), located inside the heating element assembly, must be closed. - The heating element (#11) will begin heating the oil. MTI-40C & 40E 415V, 3PH heater circuit operates identically to the MTI-10XL 415V, 3PH. The only difference is there is double. Each side can be operated independently.


1. Thermocouple Probe 2. Circuit Board 3. Circuit Board Coil 4. Coil Relay 5. Contactor Coil 6. Contactor 7. Heater Plugs 8. Heat Relay 9. Heat Relay 10. Hi Limit Switch 11. Element

Error Codes • 
Not Ready for 30 minutes Symptoms • Oil stays at room temperature and the screen shows wait heating. • Overheating. The oil temperature continues to rise past 179°C. Probable Cause • High limit tripped (press reset) • Check ohm resistance of element • Check continuity through high limit (must be closed) • Check condition of heater socket / plug • Check for continuity through plugs • Check voltage output of e-safe contactor • When unit is on and trying to heat, there should be 240ACV from this output • Check voltage out from circuit board (J8 & J9) • When unit is on and trying to heat, there should be 240V across these terminals. • It is not uncommon to have the oil temp. on the display board rise above 179°C. This can be caused from the coil pulsing on and off to maintain the oil temp. combined with the hot oil swirling in the oil pot. • If the temp. on the display goes above 205°C, shut the AutoFry off and check the actual oil temp. to see if it is overheating. • If the actual oil temp. is 205°C, trace voltage through heater circuit and check to see if the circuit board is putting out constant voltage out of the J8 & J9 terminals. See pages 6 & 8 for details on heater circuit. • If the actual oil temp. is closer to 179°C, check the temperature circuit for poor connections. See pages for details on temperature circuit.

There is a lot of oil on the inside floor of the AutoFry. Is the oil pot leaking? A: It is unlikely that the oil pot is leaking. Check the following items first. • Is the drain valve open? • Is the oil pot over-filled? • Does your frozen product contain a lot of ice? Excessive ice will cause boil-over. • Does your frozen product contain a high level of water? • Are you over filling the food entry chute? • Are you entering a second order before the first order has dispensed? • Although the AutoFry is fully enclosed it is a deep fryer and splashing of oil is a normal condition. Q: My keypad is displaying Safety Switch and Could Not Find Home or Could Not Leave Home. A: Press the POWER button or un-plug the AutoFry. This will clear the display and silence the beeping. These are error messages for the basket motor. One of several things can cause these: • A wire cook basket that is not properly installed. Be sure the basket rod is seated correctly into the basket cam and the receiver clip. • A power interruption during a cook cycle. Remove the basket, run the unit through a short cook cycle then replace the basket. • Although the basket motor is very durable, it is a moving part. All moving parts are subject to malfunction. If this is the case please call the AutoFry service department. Q: The keypad on the AUTOFRY displays a Temperature Alarm. A: Press the POWER button on the keypad to clear the display. • Open Probe; Check the probe for a loose or damaged connection. • Too High; The circuit senses a temperature higher than 205°C . Check for loose, fouled or damaged plugs and sockets. • Not ready for 30 Minutes; Oil temperature fails to reach the minimum 163°C . Wait for the oil temperature to get above 163°C before entering the next order of food. Check for dirty, loose or damaged plugs and sockets. • Excessive Change; Any time the oil temperature fluctuates by 50° F in a five second period this error will be displayed. Check the oil level in the oil pot and add if necessary.

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