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   Error message  in the diagnosis Consequence

 Core temp.   probe defect
 CT1-probe defect 
 CT2-probe defect The core temperature probe function is not available.
 CT3-probe defect 
 Temp. probe  chamber 1 defect
  The core temp. probe is used as a chamber
  probe now. The core temperature probe function is not available. 
  Due the position of the core temp probe easy temperature difference of the chamber 

 temperature measurement are possible.
Drain temp. probe defect The drain cooling changes in an emergency program (Controlled by the pcb)

  increased water consumption arises from it.

Error message   Description
 Error 1 Error core temperature probe 
 Error 2 Error chamber probe 1
 Error 3 Error chamber probe 2
 Error 4 Core temperature probe not calibrated
 Error 5 Error drain probe
 Error 7 Error reference probe on board defect
 Error 8 Risk of ice
 Error 9 Overtemperature cooking chamber
 Error 10 Overtemperature electronic
 Error 11 Electronic too hot
 Error 20 Core temp. replace not possible 
 Error 30 No fan 1
 Error 31 Fan runs
 Error 32 No fan 2
 Error 33 Fan direction wrong
 Error 36 Jumper setting at frequency controller wrong
 Error 40 Not authorized access
 Error 66 No water
 Error 71 No gas 1
 Error 710 No gas 2
 Error 72 No gas fan 1
 Error 720 No gas fan 1
 Error 73 General gas fault 1
 Error 730 General gas fault 2
 Error 74 No flame 1
 Error 740 No flame 2
 Error 101 Battery empty
 Error 120 12 Volt ground error
 Error 121 UREF0. Ground error at probe or pcb
 SHO Demo mode
  Emergency program
  Carry out unit configuration in the service area
  Only at Gas units
  Only at units with Wave Clean
  Only at units with gas and communication pcb
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 Service Manual
 1 Note: more information please leave a comments or contact us
 2 Service & Troubleshooting manual
 3 CE & UL Version
  Smart Combi
  Plus Smart Combi
  Model Serial-No. / date
  from thru
  ESC 605 ESC 610
  From software 3.07

  SERVICE error code messages


 Rational Oven Cooking Programme 

 Rational SCC Function Test 

 Rational Parts

 Vario Rational How to Remove The Parts

 Vario How to Updates Softwere

 Rational Combi Master Plus Cooking 

 Rational Oven How to Connected Network


Description Solenoid
The unit is a volumetric proportion system for liquid substances. The unit produces a constant flowrate ,  independent from the incoming water pressure . The flow rate only depends on the frequency applied to  the   solenoids. The unit can have a water pressure switch to detect water pressure. The software of the  machine   determines the flow rate by adapting the frequency o the solenoids. A calibration is not needed  nor  possible.   This technology has been engineered and patents applied by MKN.
                                                                                                                                                                                      Function of solenoid
The unit consists of a cylinder with a double sided piston. The incoming water pressure drives the piston to  one or the other side, depending which valve is active. The piston drives a specific volume of water to the  outlet. Directly before the water enters the cooking chamber there is a orifice mounted
inside the tube and held with a clamp. Do not operate the unit without that orifice.Due to the transparent  cylinder the piston (seals) can be seen in motion.The solenoids are supplied with 24V DC.The pressure  switch  is set for a pressure of 1 bar (14.5 psi). Operation of the unit is guaranteed  up to bar (87 psi)entry  pressure. Higher entry pressure requires a pressure reducing valve in front of the unit.
Technical data Normal Pressure Range: 1.5 – 6 bar (21.8 – 87 psi)
burst pressure: >20 bar (>290 psi)
Maximum flow rate: 28l/h
Volume of cylinder: 3 ml
Electrical supply: 24V DC

 Functioning Test and Latest MKN New Oven👇

This setting  starts a unit functioning test. In the menu “water calibration”, a defined volume flow of
water is emitted. The authorized volume is shown in the main display, the actual flow must be
determined by a measuring jug. To increase the water volume for better a measurement, this procedure
may be repeated several times.
The actual flow may deviate of the authorized flow by +/- 8% (e.g. for an authorized volume of 60ml,
the minimum and maximum volumes are 55ml and 65ml respectively.
The Summary information mask indicates the power supply of the unit by the signs B1 (energized)
And B0 (not energized).
Dual chamber units incorporate two units, which are parallel  energized.

During the cooking process, the volume flow cannot be determined because it frequently changes
during the process.
At delivery of the combi steamer the water system is empty. This may warrant more time until water
reaches the cooking chamber. During this time, multiple calibration cycles may be initiated

 Functional Troubles
This unit allows the replacement of the pressure switch  the filter and the solenoid valves.
Any further dismantling is not allowed (possible water damage, guarantee)
After each replacement, a water proof test is obligatory.

Replacement Of Solenoid Valves 
Shut off water supply. Release pressure in the entry lines. Unscrew the solenoid valves
Pay attention to the three O-rings mounted to the valve body. Take apart the valve body and 
clean   the valve socket and openings. Carefully clean the valve membrane of sediments.  Reassemble the valve unit (it fits only in easily the correct way). 
Check the correct location of the three O-rings. 
The valve unit must be assembled with the script heading towards the entry opening. Mount 
the  valve   body with a torque of 0.6 +/- 0.1Nm. Assemble the solenoid with the electric 
connector at the side of the decal P with a torque of 0.1 – 0.2Nm.Connect the electric 
supply to the  solenoid valve.   Mixing up the electrical valve  connections is without 
consequences. Open the water supply and check the unit water proof.

Fault Indication No Water  DIAGNOSED 
Troubleshooting in Computer

Units with a pressure switch display the fault “No Water” in case the pressure switch is still open.
Check  entry water pressure. Check electrical connections. The pressure switch opens at 1bar.The
switch point is adjusted by the inner hexagonal nut incorporated in the pressure switch.
Replacement Of Pressure Switch
Shut off water supply. Release pressure in the entry line. Depending of type, disassemble metering
Turn the pressure switch to allow access to the mounting spring. Remove mounting spring  with  a small screw driver. Now the pressure switch can be removed. Lightly lubricate the O-ring of  the replacement switch and insert it into the socket. Reconnect the mounting spring by pushing  slightly on the pressure switch. The open side of the mounting spring points toward the entry side
of   the unit. The mounting spring must be completely inserted. Reconnect electric power  and  reassemble the metering unit if necessary. Open the water supply and test water proof.

Rational Oven Cooking Programme 📹 Rational SCC Function Test 📹Rational Parts

Vario Rational How to Remove The Parts📹 Vario How to Updates Softwere

Rational Combi Master Plus Cooking 📹 Rational Oven How to Connected Network

When the actual temperature is at 100 °C ± 1 K, the core temperature sensor is automatically also
calibrated when the calibration is finalised. If the actual temperature is outside of the specified
tolerance, the following message appears: KT sensor not calibrated. For finishing the
calibration press the left select button cancel .

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  Service Level (configuration )
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 1 Software-Status     👉Shows the installed software version and text version .
 2 Display-Test 👉Display functional test of all dots.
 3 LED-Test   👉 Individual check of the LED´s on the keyboard pcb.
 4 Button-Test  👉Individual check of all keyboard buttons and the Combi dial button. 
 5 Relay-Test 👉Separate check of the relays on the relay pcb. Electrical components as
 well as the relays can be checked on function. Display of counter readings, such as operation hours. 
 6 Unit configuration  👉Input area for all unit details, such as the size of unit.
 7 Wave Clean-Test 👉Test run of the automatic cleaning system for component as well  functional test.
 8 Fan-Test  👉 Check of all fan modes.
 10 Water test  👉Functional test for the Dyna Steam unit.
 11 Drain cooling  👉Test Functional test of the the solenoid valve and drain probe from the drain
  cooling system.
 12 100°C+CT Calib 👉Calibration step for chamber and core temperature probe.
 14 Empty 👉water system Water emptying function if the water connections are connected 
  to compressed air. Made for internal use.
 15 Delete error  👉Deletes the complete diagnosis memory (not the current Error message see reset    of electronic)
 16 Delete HACCP 👉Deletes the complete HACCP memory
 17 Delete  👉 cooking book
 18 Upload cooking 👉 book  Deletes ALL recipes from the cooking book (incl. the default recipes)
 19 Service Tel. 👉This is shown by push the Smart Menu button while the unit is off.
 20 Print counters  👉 Print out of all counter readings of relay test by the HACCP port. 

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For one and two-chamber units:
Pressing the Combi-Plot starts the 100 °C (212°F) calibration.  Before setting the offset factor for the
first time, wait at least  30 minutes. When the current probe temperature shows  100 °C  (± 1°C) on the
display and the external temperature sensor indicates a value of between 99 °C and 99.5 °C, the unit is
correctly calibrated. If the external  device does not reach the temperature range specified, the
temperature offset should  be adjusted accordingly by turning the CombiPilot.  
Caution! After any change to the offset setting, always wait approx. 10 minutes to allow the change to
affect the cooking chamber temperature 
(temperature on external temperature sensor should remain stable).

When the actual temperature is at 100 °C ± 1 K, the core temperature sensor is automatically also
calibrated when the calibration is finalised. If the actual temperature is outside of the specified
tolerance, the following message appears: KT sensor not calibrated. For finishing the
calibration press the left select button cancel .
14 Empty water system
This step serves to empty the water inside (like valves and hoses) the system. The unit has connected
to air pressure at both water connections. Now the program has to be started.
This program step was conceived to avoid frost damages while transportation and 
is basically made for internal use. 
15 Delete error
Push the right select button delete to delete the complete diagnosis momory. Press the left select key
config menu to return to the configuration menu This step should be just executed at a change of
ownership of the device to hold a history of all error messages from the past. This program step does
not delete current faults but only the diagnostic memory! Current error messages 
are deleted by a reset of the electronic.

16 Delete HACCP
On the display appears delete. Press the right select button to delete. Press the left select button
config menu to return to the configuration menu. This step should be only done at a change of
ownership of the device to delete the whole HACCP documentation. 

17 Delete cooking book
On the display appears delete. Press the right select button to delete. Press the left select button
config menu to return to the configuration menu. This step should be only done at a change of
ownership of the device to delete the complete cooking book including all preprogrammed recipes!

18 Upload cooking  book
At present, this program step is for the internal use only. 
19 Service.

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