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Error messages Information
Possible errors or malfunctions which can arise during operation are displayed by the electronics in 
the display with an error number and with a short description of the error as well faulty code,
troubleshooting service error how to fixed the issues diagnosing  

Customer Service — Service Programme
Error Codes
Cleaning / Maintenance
Automatic Cleaning System 
Oven descaling in units with direct injection
Steam generator cleaning and descaling 
Cleaning the combination oven steamer
Checking the electrical parts
Check the gas technical parts
Trouble shooting List and Error Codes Electronic
Service Documents 

OEB OES Shown on display Description
E01.0 Low water Low water level
E02.0 Over temp. el. area Over heating in   the connection area
E03.0 Fan malfunction Fan malfunction
E04.0 Extra fan malfunction Additional fan   malfunction
E05.0 No Gas No gas or error   in burner system
E05.1 No Gas No gas on burner   HL1
E05.2 No Gas No gas on burner   'steam generator'
E05.3 No Gas No gas on burner   HL2
E05.4 No Gas Start speed on the burner HL1 not   reached
E05.5 No Gas Start speed on the burner 'steam   generator' not reached
E05.6 No Gas Start speed on the burner HL2 not   reached
E05.7 No Gas Full load speed on burner HL1 not   reached
E05.8 No Gas Full load speed on burner 'steam   generator' not reached
E05.9 No Gas Full load speed on burner HL2 not   reached
E11.0 Excess oven temp. Excess oven   temperature
E13.0 Excess steamg. temp. Excess steam   generator temperature
(water   foam)
E15.0 Excess cond. temp. Excess condenser   temperature
E21.0 Oven probe Oven probe   malfunction
E22.0 CTC probe Core   temperature control probe malfunction
E23.0 Steam gen. probe Steam generator   probe malfunction

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Possible errors or malfunctions which can arise during operation are displayedπŸ‘†
by the electronics in the display with an error number and with a short
description of the error as well. 

These errors can subsequently be read from the error memory r38 in the
service programme. Using the button the date and time of the error
message can be called up. 

In error mode all actuators are switched off, the buzzer sounds and the
appliance goes into error mode. After confirmation of the error with the
button, the CONVOTHERM can only be operated with the emergency programmes. 

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Possible error messages 


Troubleshooting in Computer Get it Here
OEB OES Shown   on display Description
E24.0 Bypass probe Bypass probe   malfunction
E25.0 Cond. probe Condenser probe   malfunction
E26.0 STB DE probe Safety   thermostat probe in steam   generator malfunction
E27.0 Overtemp. DE   heat. Safety   thermostat over heating in steam generator
E29.0 Probe short   to frame Ground contact of thermo couple
E33.0 DE heating   failure No   measurable increase in steam   generator temperature – Steam generator heating defective
E34.0 DE pump failure Steam generator   pump defective
E80.0 ID error all ID pins on   low or high (Connector X3)
E81.0 Prog. memory   error Saved   programme parameter outside the valid area
E82.0 WP error Current programme   parameter outside the valid area
E83.0 Algo. error No dependable   cooking algorithmic
E89.0 I2C error Identity module   defective
E95.0 Software error Hardware and   software are incompatible
E96.0 Connection failure Communication Control module –   Operation module
- Low agent preassure Pressure switch of the CONVOClean
system   does not
detect   any pressure
Flue Gas Analyzer
how to adjusting step   by step gas valve flue gas analyzer hot air burner and up and down with   proper tools.
Top   Burner
   Min   Speed Max   Speed
02:   3.7% 02:   3.4%
CO:20   PPM CO:   29 PPM
Eff:   83.8% Eff:   76.7%
CO2:   10.1   % CO2:   9.9%
Temp:   307*F Temp:   616 *F
Co   (o): 22 PPM     Co (o) : 35 PPM
Bottom   Burner
Min   Speed Max   Speed
02:   3.1% 02:   3.4%
CO:18   PPM CO:   29 PPM
Eff:   84.8% Eff:   76.7%
CO2:   10.1   % CO2:   10.3%
Temp:   307*F Temp:   616 *F
Co   (o): 22 PPM     Co (o)
Note : These are the original readings, they were dialed   in afterwards, I can’t find the numbers from when it happened, need to be done with Flue Gas   Analyzer Meter

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