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Rational SCC WE Service Codes
 SCC WE Maintaining commercial kitchen equipment helps keep your kitchen and best to be   familiar with the   restaurant and Hotel equipment by reviewing the owner's manual to   Contact a professional repair   technician to conduct regular planned. The Rational Self   Cooking Center not only makes cooking   easy, but it also has some helpful features for   technicians who service the equipment. Perhaps one of   the best features is the   machine’s ability to offer diagnostic codes. Each code will tell you what’s   wrong with   the oven, allowing you to tackle the issue quicker.
 Service Codes  if error appearing on the screen how to Diagnose and fixed the issues Below are lists   that define   certain Rational SCC WE service codes along with their potential causes   and  remedies.
 Service 10 What’s was faulty appearing? SC pump has high water level
 find the issue? Drain SC pump hose or level sensor broken
 Service 11 What’s was faulty appearing? CDS sensor sending too many pulses
 find the issue? See if there is over flowing tank in the level electrode is faulty   and water path to   the steam generator.
 Service 12 What’s was faulty appearing? CDS sensor without signal
 find the issue? Check if the CDS sensor’s signal is blocked of there is low   water  pressure
 Service 13 What’s was faulty appearing? Steam generator isn’t refilled during steam mode
Remedy? Check the level electrode’s 0-1 signal to the PCB
 Service 14  What’s was faulty appearing? Level electrode isn’t recognizing water
 Remedy? Water conductivity is too low and needs reverse osmosis treatment
 Service 16 What’s was faulty appearing?? Old software structure
 Service 17 What’s was faulty appearing? SD card not initialized
Remedy??Clean the existing SD card or use a new one
 Service 18 What’s was faulty appearing? Defective SD card
Remedy? Use a new SD card
 Service 19.1 What’s was faulty appearing? SD card not inserted
Remedy? Insert the SD card
 Service 20.X What’s was faulty appearing ?Defective thermocouple Probes
 20.1: Cabinet B1 thermocouple
 20.2: Quenching B2 thermocouple
 20.4: Humidity B4 thermocouple
 20.8: Steam generator B5 thermocouple
 Remedy? Replace thermocouple
 Service 23 What’s was faulty appearing? SSR steam short circuit
Remedy? Repair or replace
 Service 24 What’s was faulty appearing? SSR hot air short circuit
Remedy? Repair or replace
 Service 25 What’s was faulty appearing? Improper water flow during Clean Jet
Remedy? Check the water pressure, water supply, moistening valve and nozzle   and CDS   sensor ,care pump ,clean jet pump as well.
 Service 26 What’s was faulty appearing? Permanently closed drain valve
Remedy? Replace the drain valve assembly
 Service 27 What’s was faulty appearing? Drain valve won’t close during initialization
Remedy? Start the rinse/abort program
 Service 28 What’s was faulty appearing? Thermocouple steam generator B5 temperature is       above 356 F   (180C )
Remedy? Indicator will go off when temperature goes below 230 F (110 C )
 Service 29 What’s was faulty appearing? PCB temperature is above 185F ( 85C )
Remedy? Check the air filter, cooling fan and control panel gasket as well as   external heat   sources and air escape openings
 Service 30 Unit running in emergency humidity control
 Appears for 30 sec. after switch ON - Display can be cancelled - Humidity control out of   function - Humidity emergency control active since more than 1 hour



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