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Combi oven,Electric Ranges, Gas Ranges, Deep Fryer, Griller Griddle, Steam Equipment, Toaster,

Salamander Gas and Electric, proofer machine, Charcoal Griller, Blender ,Meat mincer and Grinder

Panini Grill, Rice Cooker, Vegetable Cutter , Ice Machine and Ice Crusher , Waffle Machine , 

Pasta Cooker , Potato Pillar , Commercial Microwaves Oven , Fry Master , Pizza Oven, Deck Oven

Rack Oven


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 iCombi Pro The successor of the former SelfCookingCenter SCC. The iCombi Pro 6-1/1 to 20-2/2 are completely new.  The iCombi Pro 6-2/3 (XS) has new pcbs

iCombi Classic The successor of the former CombiMaster Plus (CMP) The iCombi Classic 6-1/1 to 20-2/2 are completely new.The CMP 60 (XS) was not changed at all.

New features and changes This table is an overview of what is new and which product got which feature. The CMP 60 is not listed intentionally

Select your desired result. Load. Done.  iCooking Control.
It has never been simpler to produce the food quality that you want. Whether it's meat, fish, poultry, baked goods, egg dishes, or desserts, everything is cooked exactly how you want it in the Self Cooking Center . You specify the result and the Self Cooking Center does what you say. Consistently and to the point. This is made possible by the unique cooking intelligence: i Cooking Control.

With its sensors, i Cooking Control recognizes the size and condition of the products as well as the load size, and adjusts the best path to your desired result depending on the food. It makes all of the necessary decisions and automatically sets the temperature, the cooking cabinet climate, and the cooking time. Every adjustment is shown to you on the display. That way you know exactly what is happening and can keep an eye on it

i Cooking Control also learns from your cooking habits and preferences and adjusts the settings to your requirements. You no longer need to check or monitor anything and everything will turn out exactly how you want it. You can always rely on this chef's assistant.

Simplify your day-to-day kitchen operations: > No need to set the temperature > No need to set the time > No need to turn the food over.

Simple to clean. No limescale.  Efficient CareControl.
With Efficient Care Control, the Self Cooking Center will automatically clean and descale itself, and also do this unsupervised overnight if desired. Depending on how dirty your unit is, it determines the necessary cleaning level and proposes an optimum dose of cleaning agent and descaler

If desired, you can save a cleaning time schedule based on your operating hours. The Self Cooking Center will automatically signal at the defined times and will always keep your unit hygienically clean and perfectly maintained.

Expensive and high-maintenance water softening is no longer necessary. Efficient Care Control needs roughly 30% less resources than the previous model Therefore, this costs much less than manually cleaning traditional appliances, and is also particularly safe due to the use of tablet.

> No spraying > No liquid cleaning agent > No rinsing > No cleaning afterwards Start clean. Insert recommended tabs.

Dishwasher with a square basket
he Dishwasher has one wash and one final rinse cycle.


The temperature regulator maintains the wash temperature of 58-60 °C. A centrifugal pump circulates the water out of the cleaning tank into the clean nozzles. The water jets reach the items to be cleaned out of differing directions. Therefore an even cleaning result can be guaranteed.

The cleaning cycle is followed by the fresh water final rinse. The items are rinsed via a separate nozzle system with hot fresh water at 80 - 83° C (for glass programme 65 °C). Thus heating up the items for the following drying process.

At the same time the final rinse water serves for the regeneration of the wash water, the level of soil of the wash water thus being reduced.

Detergent dosage 
The detergent dosing unit (option) is designed for the automatic adding of liquid, alkaline detergent into the wash water.
The detergent is transported out of the container into the clean tank by means of a hose line. The dosing equipment is self-priming. Dosing occurs during each filling cycle and at the beginning of each program cycle via timer control.
Normally, a dosing of approx. 2 ml of detergent per liter of tank water is the correct concentration. This can be increased/reduced acc. to the water quality, items to be washed and degree of soiling to 5 ml/l or to1 ml/l.

Dosing of rinse aid
The rinse aid dosing unit is designed to automatically add liquid final rinse aid into the fresh water.
The rinse aid is pumped out of the storage container into the fresh water supply line through a hose. The dosing equipment is self-priming. Dosing takes place during each filling cycle.

The correct dosing results in a smooth, even water film.
In case of overdosing, there are bubble and stripe formations - reduce dosing
In case of under-dosing, water drops remain on the washed items - increase dosing. 

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