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Morello Forni Pizza Oven Troubleshooting,Error Codes,Service Manual,Spare Parts.

Wiring Diagram, how to do the Programing. 


1. ON/OFF Four-pole switch 2. Emergency stop 3. Transformer 24V dc 4. Line filter 5. Inteltouch MF-R 6. Network Filter 7. Inverter 8. Engine for gear reductor 9. Independent cooling fan 10. Main PLC 11. Dome temperature probe 12. Bedplate temperature probe 13. Light/lamp holder 14. Light/lamp holder 15. Dome Relay R1 16. Dome Relay R2 17. Bedplate Relay R3 18. Bedplate Relay 19. Ignition control Dome burner.20. Ignition control Bedplate burner 21. Bedplate Safety Gas valve 22. Dome Safety Gas valve 23. Modulplus 24. Dome burner Flame modulator 25. Inverter Relay R5 26. Fuse 1 A 27. Fuse 6 A 28. Fuse 2,5 A 29. Fuse 2,5

R4 MF.01.001 MF.01.002 MF.01.003/048 MF.02.001 MF.01.025 MF.02.002 MF.01.004 MF.01.020.01 MF.01.020.02 MF.01.005 MF.01.006 MF.01.006 MF.01.008/009 MF.01.008/009 MF.01.010 MF.01.010 MF.01.010 MF.01.010 MF.02.007 MF.02.007 MF.02.004 MF.02.003 MF.02.003 MF.02.005 MF.01.010 MF.01.050 MF.01.053 MF.01.051 MF.01.051  


1) Red arrow button 2) Button no. 2 3) Button no. 1 4) Dome temperature monitor 5) Dome burner button 6) On/Off button 7) Green arrow button 8) Button no. 3 9) Bedplate rotation speed tuning button 10) Value increasing button 11) Bedplate temperature monitor 12) Value decreasing button 13) Bedplate burner button 14) Dome burner flame modulator button 15) Light on/off button

TURNING BEDPLATE COMMANDS. ROTATION DIRECTION SELECT Both buttons (1) Red arrow button and (7) Green Arrow button act on turning bedplate rotation Direction. One touch on button starts rotation to relating direction reflected by arrow. One touch on opposite arrow changes ongoing rotation direction. Activated button shows proper status by own Lightening icon. One touch on active button stops rotation. ROTATION SPEED Turning bedplate rotation can be started By a fi rst (9) button touch, then pressing (+)/(-) speed can be increased &/or decreased As much as one likes. Button (9) lightening shows active changes status on said value. Active ongoing speed is marked by one Scale made by a series of queued lights Which lightening following action released On buttons (+)/(-) from minimum to maximum. After 5 seconds without any action released Selected speed becomes recorded


Ref./ Mod MAXIMUM OVEN POWER GPL CONSUMPTION METHANE GAS CONSUMPTION COMBUSTION AIR FGR 110 28 kW 2,1 Kg/h 2,9 Mc/h 56 Mc/h FGR 130 36 kW 2,8 Kg/h 3,8 Mc/h 72 Mc/h FGR 150 43 kW 3,3 Kg/h 5 Mc/h 86 Mc/h


 1. Maintain pressed min. 5 sec. button (1). - The upper digit value appears as in following picture.

- “U-1” parameter set-up 3. By (+)/(-) buttons state rotation speed During gap time : 20 ( 4. Push again button (1).

“t-1” parameter set-up 5. By (+)/(-) buttons state gap time Between batch in and churn out : 120 sec.. 6. Press again button (1)

“A-1” parameter set-up 7. Bip sounds number output for programme end: 10 (max. selectable). After 3 seconds system records programme selected Which can be recalled pressing button (1). User can record other two baking programs and rotation speeds onto buttons (2) and (3) which can be also settled selecting max time (999) for recorded rotation speeds to recall by correspondant icon..

 WORKING PROGRAMME Turning bedplate oven is the best to improve Production performance in restaurant environment to bake pizza and/or similar product by relating short time. Due to own oven characteristics, as high is bedplate rotation speed, as better results Final baking, both due to temperatures homogenization and better thermo exchange Generated between oven and baking food. Therefore is better to bake by speed higher Than needed lower one relating to product batch and churn out phases. To reduce handle intervention, three Fast selection push-buttons have been allowed at disposal on screen by icons showing three numbers “1”, “2” and “3”. By said fast selction buttons user can set and Recall 3 different working programme, customized On his own needs based on 3 changeable values : • U-1: Baking phase rotation speed • t -1: Gap time between batch in and churn out • A -1: Acoustic advice sound planned time over PROGRAMME EXAMPLE. Supposing turning bedplate equipped oven Our model MRI 130 (10 pizzas). - Averaged baking time for a medium stuff pizzas : 3 mins. - Batch in : 30 sec. abt. - Churn out: 30 sec. abt. - Gap time between above operations : 2 mins abt. - Pulse quantity required o acoustic advisor : 5. Program record on fast select marked by icon “1”. • Press min. 5 sec. icon “1” to activate program phase. • AOnce program phase is active icon “1” start to lightening while upper monitor (4) shows parameter “U-1”. Lower monitor (11) shows speed value input user can be selected by values between 0 and 20 pressing (+) or (-) buttons - i.e. input value 20. • Within minimum 5 sec press again icon “1” and upper monitor shows “t-1” parameter for gap time between batch-in and churn-out phases. Lower monitor (11) shows on same time value (in seconds) for relating time. i.e. input value 120 as value in sec. for said period. • Within 5 sec. press again icon “1”, upper monitor (4) shows parameter “A-1” relating acoustic advice for time-over planned. Lower monitor (11) shows value settled up by User with values between 0 and 10 selectable by (+) or (-) icon-buttons. i.e. Value 10 record ten advice sounds that are output by screen each time baking programme reach end-period for input time. Dopo avere atteso circa 5 secondi, il sistema memorizza il programma e lo rende disponibile appena l’Utilizzatore lo richiamera tramite una breve tastazione dell’icona “1”. USE EXAMPLE. During regular bake working, User select value for turning bedplate speed, to get easy batch-in and churnout products without troubles. After batch-in phase, user touch icon “1” and Recall programme rekorded in advance. Bedplate start to turn more fast (speed=15) During a planned time period (equal to 120 sec). Thereafter screen output a series of six sounds To alert user about baking end-time for fi rst Batch-in product. User alerted can churn-out First pizzas and follows by others within an Averaged end abt. 30 secs.


It is possible to activate independently the Oven two gas burners by specifi c icons switch on/off for dome and bedplate burners. Pressing relating icon (5) “Dome burner button” Or (13)”Bedplate burner button”, can be enable Relating burner switch on. Actual switch on is managed by oven thermostatic System. When button is green, relating burner is able To function. When button is red, relating burner is unable To function. Refl ecting dome or bedplate temperature, Relating burner - when enable - can start To heat automatically the oven. Yellow mark led is posted in the middle of icons for each burner dome and bedplate. When light on, said led marks thermostat Intervention request based on selected temperature. Only when enable the burner switch on Automatically heating oven up to selected Temperature refl ected by relating monitor For dome or bedplate. When selected temperature is reached up Burner and relating led in the middle of Own icon switch off.


- All operations must be performed by qualified technicians only. - Allow the pressure to stabilize before making adjustments to the unit. - It is advisable to operate Modulplus a few times in order to verify that it is in good working order after every adjustment operation. - Remove the protection cap before all adjustments. - Verify that the protection cap has been reassembled after all adjustments.

For a safe operation of the burner, it is necessary to first adjust the maximum pressure and consequently adjust the minimum one.Each adjustment of the maximum pressure affects the adjustment of the minimum pressure that has already been set

ADJUSTING MAXIMUM PRESSURE: - Verify that the burner is operating and that the coil of Modulplus is powered with the maximum current. - Remove protection cap “A”. - If the maximum pressure needs to be adjusted, use an 8 mm wrench to adjust the regulation valve, turning it clockwise to increase the value or counterclockwise to reduce it, until the desired maximum pressure is set. - Disconnect the Modulplus from the power supply. - Make sure that the minimum pressure is suitable and repeat the adjustment if necessary. - Reassemble protection cap “A” at the end of the adjustment. ADJUSTING MINIMUM PRESSURE: - Verify that the burner is operating and that the coil of Modulplus is powered with the minimum current. - Remove protection cap “A”. - If the minimum pressure needs to be adjusted, use an 8 mm wrench to maintain the position of the maximum pressure regulation screw, then use a 5 mm wrench to adjust the minimum pressure regulation screw, turning it clockwise to increase the value or counterclockwise to reduce it, until the desired minimum pressure value has been set. - Check that the maximum pressure is correctly set. - Make sure that the minimum pressure is suitable and repeat the adjustment if necessary. - Reassemble protection cap “A” at the end of the adjustment. FINAL CHECK After every adjustment, it is advisable to operate the pressure regulator several times and perform a few complete enabling and disabling cycles in order to verify that the regulation system of the burner and its components are in perfect working order. MAINTENANCE Modulplus requires an annual inspection and check of the minimum and maximum pressures of the crown burner, and their adjustment if necessary


The oven can be started and used only after a qualified technician has completed its installation and performed a regular inspection and test

The users of the oven should become familiar with the instructions of this manual in order to be able to use the oven safely and without assistance. The oven supplied has been hand manufactured with the utmost care and should be used very carefully for a long life and full safety


The burners fitted inside the oven guarantee the utmost safety thanks to the functions of the CVI (Combined Valve Ignition) system. This system ensures safe starts, a continuous monitoring of the flame and the adjustment of the gas supplied to the controlled burner. If the burner of the crown or bedplate has been enabled by means of the related switch and the thermostat controlling it acknowledges the selected temperature, the CVI system starts a programmed cycle of 10 seconds, during which the electrode of the flame sensor tries to detect the flame of the burner, which is caused by the sparking of the ignition electrode

The detection and ignition electrodes are fitted on the burner by means of a metal rod and should never be touched or hit, as this could cause the oven to stop with the consequent need of calling a qualified technician.

The gas flow to the burner is interrupted every time the CVI gas control system fails to detect a flame during the 10 second sparking phase. If the oven fails to ignite, the corresponding luminous red button turns on. The burner can be restarted with this button only after an interval of 10 seconds. During this interval of time it is not possible to restart the burner, as the 10 seconds are necessary to recirculate the air in the combustion chamber and thus ensure a safe new start. Each of the two thermostats independently controls the temperatures of the crown and bedplate of the oven, which enable the burner to be operated with the temperature set on the thermostat by means of the keyboard. The LED marked as “Out”, on the front of the thermostat, displays the status of the burner to which it is associated, - If LED “Out” is on, the burner is on - If LED “Out” is off, the burner is off The bedplate burner, placed below the cooking top, is used to heat the cooking top of the oven and maintain it at the required temperature. The crown burner is generally installed on the internal left side of the oven. Its flame intensity can be adjusted by means of the flame regulator, while its operation is controlled by the related thermostat and by the CVI safety valve.


The gas supply can be connected to the 3/4” G ISO R7 fitting of the oven permanently or provisionally by installing an approved cutoff switch. The section of the pipe must be suited to its length and to the flow rate of the equipment that it is designed to supply. Its connection must be compliant with the requirements specified in standards UNI-CIG 8723. For GPL gas, it also necessary to insert an adequately calibrated pressure regulator in the gas supply pipe. Flexible pipes, when used, should be in stainless steel and of approved type. The gas manifold has a fitting for the collection of sediments with a ¾” screwed cap, which must always be closed and sealed, and opened only to clean and service the pipes (FIG.7). After completing the connections, it is necessary to perform a sealing test with a leak finder spray

CHECKING THE SUPPLY PRESSURE The supply pressure can be measured with a liquid pressure gauge (i.e. a U pressure gauge with a minimum threshold of 0.1 mbar). - Remove the sealing screw from the supply pressure intake (after removing the instrument panel), situated at the inlet of the cock and thermostat. - Connect the U pressure gauge. - Start the unit following the instructions. - Measure the supply pressure. - Remove the U pressure gauge. - Tighten the sealing screw

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